Hunger Bugs

Hunger bugs

Hunger Bugs takes place once a week on varying days. All age groups of children get opportunities to cook, bake or simply play with food. Bethany is our Hunger Bugs Coordinator

Hunger Bugs gives children an opportunity to create, learn and explore using food as a medium. Often, Hunger Bugs activities are focused around a theme. E.g. Pancake Day, Halloween or Chinese New Year. This also provides children with the opportunity to learn about different cultures in a tasty way and multi sensory way!

Another example of a Hunger Bugs activity is making flavoured play dough. This is very simple and involves young children pushing and pulling all the ingredients together; smelling the mint and orange zest and seeing the colour changes.

With our oldest children, we talk alot about the benefits of eating fruit and vegetables, where food comes form and the science behind cooking food.

The children adore the fact that they can play with their food!