Makaton Pic

At Archfield House Nursery we have a weekly Makaton session for children throughout the nursery.

Hayley is fully trained in Makaton and coordinates this important approach.

Makaton is sign language accompanied by speech. It enables every child to communicate, from a baby who cannot talk yet to an older child who may be shy or a reluctant talker. Makaton signs are always accompanied by words to encourage speech.

Hayley holds a weekly 15 minute session in each base room. The day rotates every couple of months which allows every child to participate and benefit irrespective of the day they attend nursery.

Hayley introduces a new song every 3 weeks accompanied by a ‘Sign of the month.’ The children learn new signs as well as revising over previously taught ones.

Hayley makes every attempt to incorporate the children’s current interests and favourite songs when planning for the sessions. We involve parental involvement by emailing out the new songs and signs so that parents can reinforce at home. We also have a display in the nursery detailing the signs, songs and photographs. We also encourage parents and children to share their thoughts and feelings about Makaton.