Wise Owls

– Approx Rising 3’s – Rising 5’s

_DSC3024This is a time when our children need a more structured approach to their development whilst still learning through play based activities.

The Wise Owl Room begins the process of preparing each child for school by providing a structured daily experience of nursery life. The staff plan stimulating activities to encourage children’s understanding through logic, reasoning and free thought.

Important social skills of sharing and co-operation are learnt through joint play such as construction, role play and shared games. Children learn about helping adults in everyday activities and find the balance between independence and complying with the wishes of others.

Imaginative play encourages inventiveness and response to their own stories, interests and life experiences. Activities to encourage communication, language and early literacy such as reading stories and poems, linking sounds and letters, reciting and creating songs and rhymes, recognition of their names and letters and words. Language is now more complex and conversations with adults become a source of information, guidance and reassurance. There are also plenty of opportunities for numeric problem solving games, mark making, counting, sorting and mathematical language.

Healthy choices in both eating and exercise are encouraged with the support of carers. Age appropriate and planned indoor and outdoor spaces allow all children a child focused flexible approach in their learning across all areas. Outside leads to first hand contact with the weather, seasons and the natural world.

The Wise Owl children share ‘Discovery Time’ with the Fox Cub children for some of their play time. They have the opportunity and freedom of choice to play across the two rooms as well as the outdoor area and experience lots of activities planned for from their interests. We have a smaller key group time in the afternoon which is also planned around children’s interests. This is led by your child’s key person

We work closely with transition schools enabling the staff to prepare the children for the next step on their educational journey.